Flaming, trolling, spamming & other catastrophes

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    DDoS on #2656

    Thank you for making an attempt to read this post. By deciding to read this post you’ve conveyed your wish to improve your survival rate in off-topic section.

    off-late, there has been a decline in the quality of threads and replies posted in off-topic section. This thread will attempt to help you understand about the nature of replies which we do not want to see in DDoS.

    What is spam and how should members handle spammers?
    Spam message includes post which contains emote-only replies or similar, useless, uninformative, irrelevant, unintelligible, aggressive, insensitive text etc. People who post spam messages are spammers. Even if a post contains several hundred words and meets above criteria, we will consider it as spam and moderate it.

    Both spam and spammers are considered a waste of space and they’re often banned/expunged eventually.

    If you notice a spam post, just report the post – if the member is a spammer with many spam posts, add a note about the person in your report and cite as many examples as you can through a single report.

    Who’s an Internet troll and why they are despised?

    What should I do if I spot a Troll?
    Report the user.

    What are the consequences of spamming/flaming or promoting a Troll thread?
    Your posts/postcount may be pruned or your account could be warned/banned depending entirely on your identifiable history at DDoS.

    If you’re the first spammer to post and alter the direction of the thread, you’ll be punished severely. Others who follow your lead will probably have a better chance of survival. If you’re a group of spammers who disrupt conversations, you’ll be summarily banned.

    Good luck and thank you for your comprehension.

    To make our community better, We need a decent domain and hosting.
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