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    Please make sure that the file type and source is mentioned in the Title or Text of your post in Movies and TV shows section.

    For example:
    XviD | DivX | AVI | MKV | MP4 | or whatever is the appropriate container.
    BluRay, DVD, HDTV, Web rip, or whatever is the appropriate source.

    Could you also please give an approximate file size to accompany the download.

    Please name your files with the full title of the Movie. If you are looking to disguise your links then it is of course permitted to use a different folder/rar file name but do not add web sites to your links or as a password.

    Also, if the language of the movie is anything other than English, then this must be clearly stated somewhere visible within your post.

    It is also recommended that you do not use .exe or any form of self extracting files in your uploads. This only makes potential downloaders suspicious that the files could be in fact, infected.

    The Audio type if different than the posted topic (Cam, TS, Web rip, etc), should be referenced in the topic title or in the case of no room in the title must be at least identified in the body of the topic post.’

    Example: If the movie you are posting has a Cam Audio and is different from the original movie’s audio file, it must then be clearly stated as such in the title if possible but must be stated in the body of the Topic’s post.

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