Note – Streaming Videos Are Not Allowed In The Download Forums

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    DDoS on #2636

    Streaming videos are not allowed in the Download Forum sections.

    However Streaming Video links will be allowed to be posted in Link Heaven and Requests sections as long as they do not violate that sections posting guidelines.
    Streaming video links can be posted in other areas but only as a reference link in Off-Topic, Serious Discussion and Funstuff forums but if it appears members are posting full streaming movies or videos in these other areas that is off topic or out of scope of the topic posting guidelines they will be dealt with as spam and the member may be warned or worse.

    Streaming video links will be allowed only in Link Heaven and in Requests as long as the streaming links or the sites do not violate the DDoS Rule 4.1 or any of the other DDoS Rules or policies.

    To make our community better, We need a decent domain and hosting.
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