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    DDoS on #2534

    DDoS aims to provide the best possible service to all its members. As a community member you too can be a part of the DDoS’ success and help us offer high quality service to all members.

    This tutorial is to help you with understanding the reports system of DDoS, so that you can use it most efficiently for the benefit of the entire board. Reports system is a tool of several different categories that allows you to report any items that violate DDoS rules.

    1. Accessing reports system:

    The report link can be found at the bottom right corner of every post:

    2. Reports categories:

    Wrong Forum

    Use this category to report the following items:

    • topics that have been posted in wrong sections, for example, an application posted in Movies section;
    • posts that don’t belong in a certain topic, for example, someone asking for a Rapidshare account in a Serious Discussions topic;

    Bad language

    Use this category to report the following items:

    • posts in non-English language;
    • foul language;
    • flaming/disrespectful posts;
    • posts that contain intentional censors’ bypassing;

    If a thread has many non-English replies, you can report one post only and specify in the comment box that there are non-English posts throughout the thread, rather than report each non-English post separately.

    Double Post

    Use this category to report the following items:

    • a member has posted twice in a row in a topic(only report one of the posts, not both);
    • a member has posted the same thread twice;
    • a member has reposted a thread that already exists on the board;
    • a member has copied somene else’s links(only report if the link is an EXACT match);
    • bumping;

    Please include the link to the original thread. If a member has made more tha one sequential double post, only report a single post.


    Use this category to report the following items:

    • one-liners(except in Funstuff);
    • referral links;
    • mirror links;
    • links to web hosting, warez forums, affiliation links, sites that require registration or a fee to access;
    • posts where password is posted but not required;
    • trading attempts or members asking/offering money;
    • excessive replying;
    • removal or editing of moderated messages;


    Use this category to report the following items:

    • signatures that exceed the size limit;
    • foul language/spamming/advertising within signatures, avatars, or location;

    Dead Links

    Use this category to report the following items:

    • posts that contain dead links;
    • posts that contain censored links;
    • posts that contain censored passwords;
    • posts that contain text files or dlc. files in links;
    • posts where password is required but not provided;
    • posts that have no information about what is being posted;

    If there are several links/sets of links in the post, please specify exactly which link(s)/sets are dead, or your report may be processed inaccurately.

    Topic Title

    Use this category to report the following items:

    • titles and descriptions that contain unusual presentation methods;
    • titles that are not descriptive or are written in all caps;
    • titles that are missing tags in sections where tags are required;
    • titles and descriptions that contain incorrect information;

    High Priority

    Use this category to report the following items:

    • phishing links;
    • porn;
    • infected files;
    • shocking and explicit content;
    • political/religious discussions;
    • drug talk;

    Enclose proof in the form of screen captures or online scan results.

    Do NOT use High Priority option to report posts that don’t require immediate attention. Abuse of the reporting system may result in warnings being issued.


    Use this category to report items that don’t fit in any of the prior listed categories, including, but not limited to:

    • hotlinked images;
    • staff disrespect;
    • topics with working links wrongfully binned;

    Copy/paste the received message into the comment box.

    3. Explicit guidelines:

    • Your report will not always be dealt with immediately. Sometimes there is a significant amount of reports in the reports center, and it might take up to 24 hours for your report to be handled;
    • If your report requires immediate attention(see High Priority), and is not being handled, PM any staff member that you see online, and inform them of the problem;

    To make our community better, We need a decent domain and hosting.
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